English Translation - June 8

Mayor’s Message: June 8, 2020

People of Holland, I’m your Mayor, Nathan Bocks

It is a beautiful new day in Holland, Michigan.  

For so long, our lives seemed limited.  We stayed home and stayed safe.  It hasn’t always been easy, but we have been doing it together.

We limited our activities, but we supported each other along the way.  We have been standing together, but 6 feet apart.  We have been working for the promise of brighter days ahead.

And today is a new day.  The restrictions are loosening.  Today, for the first time in what has seemed an eternity, we can go to our local restaurants and sit at the tables again.  

It may not have been easy for us to get here.  For our local stores and restaurants, it was even harder.  They needed our support and they relied on us to help see them through to better days.  And we did what we could to help.  Because Holland knows that we get through difficult times by working together and supporting one another.

When our friends and neighbors need our help, the people of Holland respond.  We care for each other.  We support one another.  We lift each other up.

When there is need in the community, the people of Holland fill the streets and sidewalks to show their support for their brothers and sisters, for their friends and neighbors.  We respond together.

It happened yesterday.  It is happening today, and it will happen in the days, and weeks and years to come.  It must.  And it will.  Because in Holland, that is who we are.

If we are going to survive our most difficult challenges, we must recognize our most urgent needs and then we must work together.  Our community leaders, our non-profit leaders, our faith leaders and our business leaders must continue to work together to form partnerships and find and implement solutions that will move us forward, together.

It is important for us to support our local merchants and restaurants. It is important for us to support those in our community who need us most.  It is important for us to sit at their tables and to tip generously if we can.  But it is also important for us to stand up, and make room for our friends and neighbors, and invite them to sit at the tables as well.  Our restaurants need as many people at their tables as possible. And as a community, so do we.  

Let’s fill the tables of Holland.  And let’s make room, and invite our neighbors to sit, and partake, and enjoy all of the good things that this community has to offer. 

By working together we will rally and we will rise.  We will weather the dark days and look forward to the brighter days ahead.  And we will celebrate a community that loves and cares for one another.  And even when the sun is shining, we will remember to do what we can to stay safe, stay healthy… And we will wash our hands.  …Again.

In this community we look for our neighbor that needs our help the most.  And we respond.

Because this is Holland.  One Holland.  And we get to live here.