My Story Oral History Project

My Story

As part of our city’s desire to continue to celebrate our community, the International Relations Commission (IRC) invites first generation residents to share their journey to Holland. Residents are encourage to share their stories in their national dress, if possible, and are welcomed to use their native language. Oral histories will be collected until May of 2021 and  featured at the 2nd Annual International Festival of Holland on August 21, 2021.

This collection of oral histories aligns with the International Relations Commission’s vision, The City of Holland connected to and growing with the wider world.  Residents are asked to address the following questions in their recorded video: 

  1. What year did you come to Holland?
  2. Why did you choose Holland?
  3. What tradition from your country of national origin do you continue to keep?
  4. Why is this tradition important to you?

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