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Every Second Counts...

One of the many aspects of life that we may take for granted is when we call 911, help will arrive to our location. A large majority of the time, this is the truth. However, when time and visibility are limited, this seemingly simple task becomes more difficult.

Why do those seconds matter?

The average structure fire will double in size every minute, and a fire with an open floor plan and a large supply of fresh air will double every 30 seconds (

In addition to the fire aspect, seconds matter for loved ones in need of emergency medical care. When an individual’s heart and breathing stop their clock starts. If CPR is not started within three minutes brain damage starts to set in. After nine minutes, severe and irreversible brain damage is likely (How Long Does Brain Activity Last After Cardiac Arrest?).

The solution...

Holland Fire Department is now offering reflective signs which homeowners can place on their mailboxes, fence posts, or a dedicated metal post. The signs may be purchased from the Fire Department for $15 for each sign. Metal posts are an additional $5 if needed.