2021 Street Resurfacing List

The following Streets are proposed to be milled and paved during the 2021 Construction Season.

W 24th Street          Hiawatha - Lugers

W 25th Street          Azalea – Lugers

W 26th Street          Graafschap - Lugers

W 27th Street          East end - Graafschap

W 34th Street          East end  - Kirkview Dr

W 35th Street          East end – Kirkview Dr


Azalea Avenue         24th – 26th Streets

Bertsch Street         Azalea – Hiawatha

Concord Drive         26th – Larkwood

Eastgate Drive        East end – Marylane

Franklin Street        24th – 25th Street

Hiawatha Drive       24th – Bertsch

Kirkview Drive         33rd – 35th Street

Larkwood Drive       North end – W 32nd Street

Marylane Drive        North end – W 32nd Street

Newcastle Drive      Marylane – Larkwood Drive

Quarterline Road     North end – E 16th Street

Paw Paw Drive        Bridge west to E 8th Street

Paw Paw Drive        Bridge east to City Limits

Pine Avenue            River Ave bridge to 1st Street

Pioneer Avenue       33rd – 35th Street

Southgate Street     Concord Drive – Azalea Avenue

  • Started in June with portion of Paw Paw Drive.
  • Currently finishing up in Pioneer/Kirkview neighborhood this week.
  • Mid-September remaining portion of Paw Paw Drive, small section of Pine Ave, Quarterline.
  • End of September / Early October in Azalea / Larkwood neighborhood.
    Everything is completed under the project except for W 27th Street, east of Graafschap Road.  Should be complete by Oct. 8th, 2021.