2021 Street Resurfacing List

The following Streets are proposed to be milled and paved during the 2021 Construction Season.

This project needs to be approved by City Council before going out for bids.  No contractor has been selected.

W 24th Street          Hiawatha - Lugers

W 25th Street          Azalea – Lugers

W 26th Street          Graafschap - Lugers

W 27th Street          East end - Graafschap

W 34th Street          East end  - Kirkview Dr

W 35th Street          East end – Kirkview Dr


Azalea Avenue         24th – 26th Streets

Bertsch Street         Azalea – Hiawatha

Concord Drive         26th – Larkwood

Eastgate Drive        East end – Marylane

Franklin Street        24th – 25th Street

Hiawatha Drive       24th – Bertsch

Kirkview Drive         33rd – 35th Street

Larkwood Drive       North end – W 32nd Street

Marylane Drive        North end – W 32nd Street

Newcastle Drive      Marylane – Larkwood Drive

Quarterline Road     North end – E 16th Street

Paw Paw Drive        Bridge west to E 8th Street

Paw Paw Drive        Bridge east to City Limits

Pine Avenue            River Ave bridge to 1st Street

Pioneer Avenue       33rd – 35th Street

Southgate Street     Concord Drive – Azalea Avenue