Backyard Chicken / Fowl Permits

ChickensChickens and other fowl are now allowed, with restrictions, in the City of Holland.


The City of Holland will allow for 1 domesticated pet chicken (hens only - roosters are prohibited), duck, goose or similar fowl in a pen or confinement coop which is at least 25 feet from any neighboring dwelling unit. Further, a maximum of ten chicks under the age of five weeks are permitted. No permit is required.


Keeping chickens as a locally grown food source for the consumption of eggs or meat is allowed with up to six chickens depending on the size of property and following all conditions outlined in the City Ordinance. Please read the Holland Backyard Chicken/Fowl Ordinance (PDF) - sections 4-3 d and e.

Three year permits are available for $25. These provisions take effect on April 23, 2014.