Trash & Recycling


Holland Board of Public Works (BPW) provides billing and customer service for the City of Holland’s weekly curbside residential refuse services. For more information or to  make changes to your service, visit the  BPW’s website or call HBPW at 616-355-1500.


The City of Holland now offers curbside, single-stream recycling for residents, which is also serviced and billed through Holland BPW. Recycling is an important part of Holland’s sustainability initiatives to make a difference in our community, economy and environment. To learn what items are recyclable curbside, where to recycle items not accepted curbside, and what day you can expect recycling pick up, visit

To learn about rates or reach customer service, please visit Holland BPW’s Refuse and Recycling page or call 616-355-1500.

Yard Waste 

Yard waste bins and pick-up are also available for Holland residents through Holland BPW from April 1 - November 30. To set up services, view rates and learn more, visit HBPW’s website

Additionally, the City of Holland offers a Fall Leaf Program for leaves only and a Spring Clean-Up for yard clippings, shrub trimmings, twigs and small branches.

Project Pride

Need to dispose of oversized items or items not typically accepted curbside? Residents can use the City’s Project Pride Coupons to dispose of miscellaneous items.

Learn more about Project Pride coupons and accepted bulk materials/items here.