Reuse, Rethink, Recycle

Reuse Rethink RecycleBy reframing the traditional "Three R's" the Resue, Rethink, Recycle model allows us to look at recycling best practices in a new lens and explore avenues to better manage the material resources currently in our waste stream.


The face of recycling and curbside trash service is changing due to national and international market pressures. Though these issues seem far off and abstract at times, they do impact our operations here at home. As such, we as a community need to rethink how we define successful recycling and how we approach landfill diversion. The City has been pursuing several initiatives which will ultimately allow us to be a policy driver regarding recycling practices in our region, to serve as a model community regarding implementation of Materials Management Principles, and to driver our own narrative regarding the future of landfill diversion practices in our community rather than being directly by the whims of unstable recycling markets and other external forces.

These initiatives allow the City of Holland to be innovative, nimble, and responsive in an ever more complicated field.