De Zwaan Windmill

The Mill

Our park was built around the windmill 'de Zwaan' (the Swan, in English.) The mill was brought over from Vinkel, Noord Brabant, the Netherlands in 1964 and opened the following year. Guests can enjoy a self-guided tour of the mill with docents available for questions along with a video tour to explain more in-depth (and for those who cannot climb the stairs in the windmill.)

The mill still turns and is able to grind grain into flour. It can be viewed on a webcam HERE.

2023 Windmill Stats

  • Turning Days: 13
  • Yearly Rotations: 6,768 

The Flour

While the mill is turning as often as possible, our millers are currently training to use the mill to grind grain into flour. Due to this, mill products (flour) are not currently available. 

When we are grinding, we typically grind wheat into flour that is available for purchase onsite and to local partners for projects like baked goods, beer and more. We also are able to mill other grains (corn, barley, etc.) on our small mechanical millstones. 

Our Millers

We have a group of millers and millers-in-training along with several volunteers who assist with operations in the mill. If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers, please contact us HERE.

De Zwaan in Vinkel A historic view of De Zwaan in Vinkel

Our Sister Mill

We are also excited that we have a 'sister mill' in Vinkel! Decades after De Zwaan was sold to Holland, Michigan, a group of volunteers got together and worked tirelessly to build a new mill along with a community meeting space underneath. The mill was opened in 2020. More information can be found HERE.

Vinkelse Molen

The new windmill in Vinkel