Gun Permits

License to Purchase Handguns (LTP)

If purchasing a firearm, not from an FFL dealer, applicants will need to come to the department in person, fill out an application, pay a notary fee, and have a valid photo ID. The approval process will take approximately two days. 

  • The purchaser of the LTP is required to return a copy of the license to purchase to HDPS within 10 calendar days of acquiring the handgun.  Failure to do so well result in a civil infraction being issued with fines up to $250.00 for noncompliance.  The purchaser can return the copy in person or by first class or certified mail. 
  • The owner of the pistol is required to carry his/her copy of the LTP with them for 30 days if they are carrying, transporting or possessing that pistol. After 30 days they are not required to carry the form.