City of Holland Rehab Programs

The City of Holland offers a few rehabilitation programs for property owners. Some programs are available to owner-occupied properties, as well as non-owner-occupied properties. Others are offered to neighborhood groups. Each program is unique and may only be available certain times of the year and as funds are available. Please check back if you do not find a program that works for you.

Click on the programs below to learn more:

Home Repair Program: This program focuses on home repairs for properties throughout the city. It is income based and is to assist single-family, owner-occupied, low-income households make home repairs. The City will provide a portion of the cost up to $8,000 for NON-LEAD projects and $5,000 for lead projects. 

Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program: This program is a financial partnership between the Holland Energy Fund and homeowners. The program helps homeowners in the City of Holland make energy efficiency improvements. Homeowners who invest at least $10,000 to increase the energy efficiency of their homes are eligible to receive a 10% rebate grant from Holland Energy Fund. 

Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program: The purpose of the City of Holland Mini-Grant Program is to support neighborhood initiatives by providing a grant of up to $1,500 that accomplishes the following things:

  • Improve the long term quality of life of residents in the City of Holland.
  • Build long term neighborhood capacity, opportunity, and leadership, as well as generate more collaboration among residents.


In addition to the programs noted above, the Holland Board of Public Works (BPW) offers a few additional programs.

  • Residential Energy Efficiency Program, which is open to Holland BPW residential electric customers. You can find out more about this specific program and apply by following this link.
  • Residential New Construction Program, an incentive program encouraging the use of energy efficient equipment and appliances. Learn more and apply here.

To learn about all their Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates follow this link. Questions? Give the Holland BPW a call at (616) 355-1500.