Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

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Chapter 39

IntroductionUDO Book

The City of Holland’s Unified Development Ordinance combined the City’s Zoning, Trees, Streets and Sidewalks, and Subdivision Ordinances into a single regulatory document. UDO regulates the use of land throughout the City, including the design of buildings, sites, and new streets. The requirements of UDO must be met for all new construction, and for all exterior renovations or site alterations, throughout the City.

Effective Date

UDO was adopted by City Council on July 21, 2021 and became effective on August 11, 2021.


The primary purpose of the Unified Development Ordinance is to implement the City’s Master Plan, by governing private development, which is the mechanism by which most of the City’s built environment gets constructed. The Master Plan articulates the City’s vision for its future, and is the basis for the requirements in UDO. 

Traditionally, development regulation has been divided into multiple ordinances—zoning, subdivisions, engineering standards, etc. While UDO does not contain the City’s engineering standards, it is designed to coordinate seamlessly with them, and it includes the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance. 

UDO was designed to:

  1. Create a one-stop resource for developers, property owners, homeowners, and business owners in determining the rules for improvements to their properties.
  2. Embody the principles of economic and environmental sustainability throughout the entirety of the Ordinance.
  3. Protect Holland’s beloved historic character and charm.