English Translation - April 24

Mayoral Message, April 24, 2020, Let’s Choose to Be the Best

People of Holland, I’m your Mayor, Nathan Bocks

I am here at the Holland Energy Park.  Inside these walls are dedicated city employees assuring that the lights stay on.  They are just one example of the unseen heroes all across our community.   

Holland, we are rising up and coming together like never before.  We are caring for each other and supporting one another and working together to not only survive, but to find ways to thrive through and beyond these uncertain days.

Everyday I see positive stories.  I see community members supporting first responders.  And our first responders are giving back to our community.  We continue to patronize our local businesses and restaurants.  And our local businesses and restaurants are giving back to those who are serving and supporting them.

We are looking out for each other and supporting one another like never before.

Even though we are in the midst of a very difficult time, there is light in the midst of the darkness.

Just this week Holland was named the Greenest City in Michigan.  It seems like a small thing in the midst of a pandemic, but it reflects who we are.  Holland has received many awards and accolades over the years.  It doesn’t just happen.  It takes hard work, and dedication, and a commitment to do things right.

Not long ago Tim Hemingway, the chair of Holland Board of Public Works challenged the community by saying “If we are going to do something, let’s choose to be the best.”   That challenge reflects who we are and who we have always been.

Holland, even in the midst of uncertainty.  Let’s choose to be the best.

Not just in energy efficiency, or sustainability, but also in resilience, in caring, in community, in perseverance, in hopefulness, and in hard work, 

Holland, if we are going to do something, let’s choose to be the best. 

At the Holland Board of Public works they are creating light, and warmth, and quenching the thirst of the people of Holland. 

Let’s all spend our days working to create light, and warmth, and do what we can to quench the thirst of our friends and neighbors.   Let’s choose to be the best.

And in the process, let’s stay safe, stay healthy, and wash our hands.  ...Again

This is Holland.  One Holland.  And We Get to Live Here.