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Bouws Pool

Admission Fee

Children 15 and Under - $0.50; Adults 16 and Over - Residents $1, Nonresidents $1.25; Family Plan (Immediate Family Members) - Residents $2, Nonresidents $3


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Parking
  3. Restrooms-Seasonal
  4. Swimming Pool


Bouws Pool is an outdoor facility that is run by the Holland Recreation Division under the direction of qualified personnel. Weather is regarded as the primary factor when determining opening day of the facility. Generally, the pool is open for use the first week of June and runs through Labor Day.

Open Swimming

  • Currently closed for the season. Thank you!


Smallenburg Park was named after Dick Smallenburg April 1, 1959. Bouws Pool was named after Russ Bouws. He donated the funds to build the facility in 1973. The pool was opened in 1976.