What if I cannot pay my entire tax bill by the due date?

Should you not be able to pay your entire tax bill by the due date, partial payments are accepted. The following penalty rates will apply to the outstanding balance on your tax bill(s).
With your summer bill, after the August 15th due date, a 2% penalty is added. If the summer bill remains unpaid as of September 11th, an additional 4% (for a total of 6%) is added to your summer bill.

If either your summer or winter bill is not paid by the February 14th due date, an additional 3% penalty will added until the end of February. Any real estate taxes not paid by the end of February will be turned over to the residing County in March.

Contact Information

If you reside in Allegan County, please contact Allegan County Treasurer at 269-673-0260 for amount owing. If you reside in Ottawa County, please contact Ottawa County Treasurer at 616-994-4501 for amount owing. Delinquent business personal property taxes will still be collected by the City Treasurer's Office. Please call 616-355-1380 for amount owing.

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