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  1. Thank you for contacting the Holland Park & Recreation Department.  Our Forestry Department works to maintain and plant the City of Holland right-of-way trees (ROW trees). Should you have a ROW tree that you feel needs evaluation, trimming/removal, or you'd like to request a limb/branch pick-up or a tree to be planted in the right-of-way please complete the form fully to submit your request.  

    Once your request has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our Forestry Supervisor for the proper course of action in the care and maintenance of the tree(s).  Please let us know if your concern relates to a matter of safety or visual obstruction.

    Our Forestry Supervisor will contact you only if he has a specific need for additional information or other request.   Please be advised that in certain circumstances additional equipment must be ordered for the safe removal of your tree and can cause delays. 

    Please call 616-928-2450 should you need further assistance.

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