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1. From October 15th to May 15th, why are residents not allowed to park their cars overnight?
2. Are these dates the same every year or do they change?
3. I am getting work done on my property and I need to park on the street overnight temporarily.
4. Due to the reconstruction project of my street, my driveway is inaccessible. Are there any city lots where I can temporarily park?
5. We recently got a second car and it does not fit in our driveway. Are there any restrictions placed for overnight parking on that road until October 15?
6. Can I also park my camping trailer on the roadway overnight from May 15 until October 15?
7. I’m a Downtown resident and my guest is coming to visit me.
8. How would one go about getting permission to park overnight in a public lot Downtown? Does it cover one night? Are there other options?