Bike Holland

Bike HollandIn the Spring of 2017, the City of Holland began installing a comprehensive Bike Network. The network serves to promote and integrate alternative transportation options that will provide easy access for non-motorized commuters to key areas throughout the City including: parks, schools, and major economic hubs. This Bike Network, combined with the City's Snow Melt System, means many areas throughout Holland are bike accessible all year long!

Bike Lanes Video

Bike Network

Once completed, the City's Bike Network will be comprised of over 52 miles of bike accessible roads including:

  • 10.49 Miles of Multi-use Paths and Sidewalks
  • 11.94 miles of on-street lanes and off street routes
  • 12.83 miles of "Sharrow" Designated Lanes
  • 17.59 miles of "Share the Road" lanes
City of Holland Bike Network