Neighborhood & Housing Programs

The City of Holland is committed to supporting the health, growth and vibrancy of each neighborhood in the city. This support comes in part through the tools, programs and initiatives listed below. Click on a highlighted item for additional information.

The Neighborhood Improvement Committee advises City Council on matters related to neighborhoods and housing. Most items listed on this page receive input and oversight from the Neighborhood Improvement Committee. See Additional Resources below for links to key documents guiding the city’s work in neighborhoods, such as the Blueprint for Flourishing Neighborhoods.

Group of neighbors around a table of picnic food in the street for a block party.

The Strong Neighborhoods page lists a number of specific tools and programs that are focused on the health and flourishing of neighborhoods and the encouragement of good neighboring, such as Neighborhood Connections, Block Parties, Neighborhood Mini-Grants. This page also provides links to Neighborhood Descriptions and Guides.

The Community Development Block Grant program consists of an annual allocation of funding received by the City from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development designed to assist city’s encourage the development of decent, affordable housing, suitable living environments, and expanded economic opportunities. 

Home Repair and Improvement Assistance

The City also seeks to help residents with maintaining decent, safe, and energy-efficient housing, and to that end, manages two programs that assist residents with maintaining or improving their homes.

The Home Repair Program provides financial assistance with essential home repairs to eligible low- to moderate-income homeowners. The amount of assistance is determined by the scope or type of project and the amount of household income.

The Home Energy 101 program helps homeowners and renters find the best areas for utility savings and efficiency improvements to their homes and apartments. Participants receive a FREE 60-90 minute educational session at their home led by a trained home energy educator. (This program is provided in partnership with the Holland Board of Public Works and is overseen by the Holland Energy Fund Board.)

House diagram

Additional Resources

    • The Blueprint for Flourishing Neighborhoods. This document serves as the main guidance document for the Neighborhood Improvement Committee and provides a framework and a roadmap for Holland’s neighborhoods to increasingly become places of social connection and belonging, as well as offer the foundation for social equity.  
    • The 15-Minute Neighborhood Analysis – Recent studies show a growing preference for living in a neighborhood in which many needs can be met within a distance that can be walked or bicycled within 15 minutes. Such neighborhoods demonstrate numerous benefits, including improved health of residents, improved social connectivity, reduced traffic, and cleaner air and watersheds, among others. The 15-Minute Neighborhood Analysis page provides more information about this concept, and shows the outcome of that analysis for the City of Holland.