Adopted Master Plan

Master Plan for the City of HollandThrough a robust planning effort, the citizens and leaders of Holland worked together to create an official policy guide for Holland's future development and growth, to help strengthen the community's ability to manage changes and challenges of all kinds - and to thrive. This collaborative planning process resulted in the final adoption of the Master Plan for the City of Holland.

The information in this plan represents the culmination of over 40 public meetings, the input of over 1,000 people, and many volunteer hours of work by the City Planning Commission and final adoption by City Council. This plan summarizes the community's vision, goals and objectives to create a framework and basis for sound community development and land use decision-making to ensure that Holland is a Resilient City. Thank you to all that took part in the creation of the City of Holland Master Plan.

Adopted March 15, 2017

Five Year Review Completed November 9, 2021

Supporting Documents