Volunteers in Police Services

VIPS CruiserHolland Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) goal is to enhance and assist the Holland Department of Public Safety in a variety of ways. Volunteers have successfully assisted citizens to recognize the service and helpfulness of the police division as a whole. It has also been a vehicle of goodwill and provided a "public service ambassador" role to the general public and youth of the City of Holland.

Enhance the Overall Efficiency & Effectiveness of the Department

VIPS Volunteers are not utilized to replace sworn officers or other paid positions but rather to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Department of Public Safety - Police Division. Their efforts have increased the services that the Department is able to provide to the community and has encouraged and provided opportunities for citizen participation. Above all the program has provided a positive coactivity with public safety and each volunteer serves with great pride and respect.

Examples of Involvement

  • Assist at community events
  • Confiscate illegal signs on public right of ways
  • Monitoring and enforcing handicap parking violations
  • Observe and report suspicious activities
  • Options for assisting with office work, detailing cruisers, landscape maintenance, meal preparation at training events
  • Presence and public relations in city parks
  • Provide house checks when residents are gone for extended times

History of VIPS

VIPS was originated early in 2013. After training, the program began with 12 original volunteers and was formally adopted in 2014 with an oath of office ceremony. Volunteers use a repurposed police vehicle clearly identified as a VIPS service vehicle.