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Application For Revocable License Agreement

  1. Awning, canopy, marquee signs or projecting signs which extend over the City’s rights-of-way require a revocable license from City Council prior to receiving a building permit (Section 39-347 of the Ordinance Code). Also, a revocable license agreement is required from the City Council to install groundwater monitoring wells.

    The following four (4) documents must be provided:

    1. Application
    2. Valid Insurance Certificate
    3. Proposed Activity Plan or Sketch
    4. $350 check
      1. Please bring payment to the City Manager's Office: 
      2. Holland City Hall, 2ndFloor
        270 South River Avenue
        Holland, MI 49423
      3. Application will not be processed without payment.
  2. General Conditions Applicable to this Permit:

    Permit Application Fee $350 payable to City of Holland (Cost of the building permit not included in this amount).   

    Legal description of property. 

    Insurance Requirements:  All insurance documents must show City of Holland as the Certificate Holder: City of Holland, 270 S. River Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 (no person’s name or department). Also, where there are notes at the bottom, the following must be included: The City of Holland, its officers, agents and employees are named as Additional Insureds for general and automobile liability insurance. Waiver of Subrogation is Applicable. If the certificate says Per Written Contract, it will be rejected! The City of Holland does not have written contracts with individual contractors.  We simply issue right-of-way permits.

  3. Although a building permit is also required, it cannot be issued until the Revocable License Agreement is approved by City Council and prepared by the City Attorney.  (Building permits issued by the Department of Community and Neighborhood Services).   All work must comply with applicable regulations and ordinances. 

    Specific Conditions Applicable to this Permit will be attached and made a part of this permit.

  4. Parties &/or Partners authorized to sign agreements
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