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Holland Board and Commission Conflicts of Interest (Including Gifts)

  1. It is important that all members of our boards and/or commissions earn and maintain the trust of our citizens. Credibility with the public is vital as you fulfill your board/commission appointment(s) and carry assigned tenure.
  2. We ask all potential and current board and commission members to assess or identify potential areas of conflict of interest. If you are considering serving on a board or commission you must disclose in writing any proprietary or financial interest you may have in any organization with which the City of Holland does business. The city manager will review and determine eligibility with that board, commission, authority, or committee.
  3. Board and commission members may participate in political or partisan activities of their choosing provided city resources and property are not utilized and the activity does not impact the responsibilities of their board/commission. If there is a conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest, a member of a board, commission, authority, or committee may refrain from voting due to the conflict of interest on any specific decision.
  4. While carrying out duties, members of Boards and Commissions shall not 

    • Accept compensation or gifts for services rendered. 
    • Own an interest in, have an existing project affiliation, or be employed or compensated by any organization/business that does business with the City/HBPW where special interest or financial benefit may affect decisions related to the commission. 
    • Campaign for political office while performing their commission/board responsibilities or in a City uniform while representing the City. This does not preclude a member from running for political office; however, they may not campaign while carrying out their responsibility with the board or commission. 
    • Represent the City to the public, while performing political or partisan activities. 
    • Post, wear, or display any button, badge or sticker relevant to any candidate or ballot issue during the time they are representing their board/commission. 
    • Share donor information for personal use or personal activities outside the commission/board business.


  5. Please identify the commission on which you serve.
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