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International Festival Food Vendor Application

  1. International Festival Food Booth Application Form

    PAYMENT: There is a vendor fee for participation at the Festival. For $100, food vendors will have two 8 foot tables, one for set up (handwashing/sanitizing) and one for serving. Any additional serving tables will be $50 each. Do not pay this now; vendors will be invoiced once they are approved for participation. In addition, the Ottawa County Health Department requires that all food vendors have a Food Permit or a Temporary Food Service License. See IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS below.

  2. SET UP: Set up time starts at 3:00 p.m. All food should be ready by 4:00 p.m. Food service should continues until 9:00 p.m. Holland Civic Center will provide 2, 8-foot tables (one for set up and one for serving). 

    Food vendors will be inspected by the County Food Inspector on the day of the festival. Food vendors are required to have:

    • a valid Food Permit or Temporary Food Service License (see below)
    • a handwashing station
    • a wash, rinse, and sanitize area
    • a food probe thermometer
  3. Please be sure to include links to your web site, Facebook/Instagram page, and any social media hashtags.

  4. Are you a Food Truck or will you need vendor table(s)?
  5. Photos

    Please provide up to 3 photos of your organization and/or the types of food you serve. 


    Each organization applying for a food booth must either have a Food Permit or purchase a Temporary Food Service License for this event by completing the MICHIGAN TEMPORARY FOOD ESTABLISHMENT LICENSE APPLICATION. Use the link below to submit your completed application at least 30 business days in advance, or no later than August 31,2023, to the Ottawa County Health Department for review and approval. If you already have a Food Permit, you should also reach out to confirm all is in order. Food permit questions should be addressed to Ottawa County at 616-393-5654, or FAX 616-393-5643. 

  7. There is a separate license payment to Ottawa County based on the following plan: Temporary License Fee - $208 Non-profit Fee - $155 (with or without 501(c)3) The license application should be addressed to Ottawa County at 12251 James Street, Holland, MI 49424-9661. 

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