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International Festival Non Food Vendor Application

  1. International Festival Mercado Application (Non-Food)

    We are seeking vendors selling non-food international goods for the International Festival of Holland Mercado (Market). The festival will be held at the Holland Civic Center Place on Saturday, September 30, 2023.  The Mercado will be open from 3-9 pm (TBC). 

    All vendor applications will be reviewed for appropriateness to the international theme  of the festival. There is a fee of $50 for each table.  Do not pay anything yet. Vendors will be invoiced their table fee once they are approved for participating at the Festival.

  2. Please provide a clear description of your business/organization and the goods that you sell. Be sure to include your web address, Facebook/Instagram page, and social media handles.

  3. Photos

    Please include up to 3 photos of your business and/or the goods you will be selling.

  4. What's Provided

    Wifi will be available for online transactions. An 8' table and chair will be provided for each table reserved; no linens will be provided. A bank will not be available--please bring your own cash box for making change.

  5. Questions?
    Please email any questions to or call 616-355-1322.
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