Holland State Park Camera Info

To view the camera live, click HERE.

Launched in May of 2020, the MiHollandCAM located at Holland State Park is a unique partnership with multiple government agencies including the City of Holland, Michigan DNR, NOAA, and Park TownshipBiggby Coffee of Holland & Zeeland sponsored the camera.  The primary use for the camera is to show current weather conditions to inform visitors of high-risk water conditions.  In the case of an emergency, Ottawa County 911 can take control of the camera to give an immediate visual to help first responders.  To optimize the internet connection during emergencies, the web stream may be disabled.


Holland State Park NOAA View

The National Weather Services receives a 10-minute video clip once per hour that is then analyzed for rip currents by artificial intelligence. The image above is the NOAA view to observe rip currents.  This camera is the first on Lake Michigan being used to predict rip currents. It is a pilot program that has never been used on the Great Lakes before.   The camera automatically moves to this view at the top of every hour.

In the summer of 2017, a group of first responders along with the City of Holland and the Holland Aquatic Center launched a PSA video called Red Flag to promote water safety. This video is used by the Holland Aquatic Center to show swimmers the importance of respecting the power of the lake. This camera will enhance the promotion of water safety by educating the public when dangerous conditions are present.  To learn more about rip currents and the flag warning system click here.

A red flag means there is a high risk of drowning. Swimmers should stay out of the water and away from piers. Since 2010, there have been 843* Great Lakes drownings.

When you see a red flag, stop and think. Fight the peer pressure and encourage others around you to stay out. Think about your loved ones hearing the news that you drowned.

*according to glsrp.org/statistics

Above you will find a timelapse from yesterday.  The HD camera has a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) head and can move 360 degrees.  It is mounted on the NOAA tower near the station.  The camera is rated for extreme weather and can operate at -58 °F to 122 °F and can withstand the elements along the shores of Lake Michigan.  Thanks to IR (Infrared illumination), the camera can capture images several hundred feet in complete darkness.  

Various views available from the MiHollandCAM located at Holland State Park

Watch the video below to learn more about the camera project.

Awesome views from Holland State Park Camera.

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