Red Flag Water Safety

The summer of 2020 had a tragic start with two drownings on the same day at Holland State Park.  We encourage everyone to understand the dangers of Lake Michigan.  Rip currents can occur quickly and can be powerful enough to pull even experienced swimmers out.  Only you can save yourself by staying out of the water when dangerous conditions exist.

Before getting into the water, please observe the flags at the beach.  If you see a red flag, stay out of the water and off the piers.  A red flag means there is a high risk of drowning. Swimmers should stay out of the water and away from piers. From 2010 to 7/14/2020, there have been 871* Great Lakes drownings. 

When you see a red flag, stop and think. Fight the peer pressure and encourage others around you to stay out. Think about your loved ones hearing the news that you drowned. 

Remember: Red means STOP. Stay out – Stay Alive!

To see live conditions from Holland State Park, click HERE.Holland State Park NOAA View Opens in new window

Holland State Park is managed by the DNR.  Please visit their page for detailed information.

See current beach hazards:

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