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We are now taking applications for HYAC, 2024-2025. No interviews will take place till April 2024 but you can reserve your place on a committee. Click HERE for an application.


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Holland Youth Advisory Council (HYAC)

allhyacstudents2023-24 HYAC students


The City of Holland Youth Advisory Council (HYAC) shall serve to assist municipal leaders in developing and implementing strategies to promote youth participation and solicit youth perspectives on matters pertaining to city government; provide opportunities for high school students to render community service; acquire leadership skills; become educated on the internal workings of local government; and gain career information on future opportunities in government and public service. 


Promoting youth perspectives


The Holland Youth Advisory Council (HYAC), in partnership with other community leaders, will develop the leadership skills of ourselves and others; provide advice regarding youth issues; serve our community; and promote youth participation and civic involvement.

The 2023 winners of the HYAC Laser Tag Challenge are members from Youth on Boards and the Social Services Committee.

*The losers (members of the Environmental Committee and Recreation Committee) are contesting the win, since the competition ended in a tie and the winner was determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Winners of Laser Tag event

Top Row: Hayden Bauman, Trent Burgess, Abraham Hernandez, Dylan Markovic  Bottom Row: Ezra Van Zetten, Anna Teusink, Ise Badran


  1. Joan McCluskey

    Youth Services and Volunteer Coordinator