The Defendant

Holland Police Department refers cases to Holland Teen Court. Community Policing Officers will make a report, which is sent to the Teen Court Coordinator for processing. NO repeat offenders, or juveniles that do not admit guilt, will be referred.

Juvenile first-time offenders between the ages of 10 and 17 who plead guilty to the following offenses are considered:

  • Curfew Violation
  • Littering
  • Retail Fraud (2nd degree)
  • Larceny (less than $100)
  • Smoking/Possession of Cigarettes
  • Fireworks Possession
  • City Ordinance Violation
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Trespassing
  • Loud Music
  • MDP (less than $100)
  • Alcohol Violations
  • Minor Assault
  • Obstructing Police
  • Driving Offenses

The defendant must successfully complete the sentence reached by the peer jury in the allotted time, or they will be referred back to the appropriate court.

The following sentences are possible choices of the peer jury:

Community Service Hours (Jury selects date due)

  • Level 1: 8-12 hours

(Typically for curfew violation, smoking/possession cigarettes, trespassing, littering, fireworks possession, city ordinance violation, retail fraud<$25, loud music)

  • Level 2: 12-24 hours

(Typically for retail fraud>$25, MDP<$100, Larceny<$100, disorderly conduct, R&C<$100)

  • Restitution (Jury selects dollar amount)
  • Essay (Jury specifies number of words, topic, date due)
  • Apology to victim (Written proof required)
  • Other

*The defendant is responsible for ensuring that all required paperwork (community service log, essay, etc.) is sent and received at City Hall by the specified date.

At HTC, our primary program goals are: (1) To reduce recidivism rates in Teen Court participants, (2) To provide a positive collaborative relationship between law enforcement, court system and the youth community, (3) To provide law-related education through teen court training, hearing participation, and educational talks by local attorneys and legal community, and (4) To contribute positively to our community through community service at public and not-for-profit agencies.