Stations & Apparatus

The department provides fire protection from 3 stations located on Waverly Road, Kollen Park Drive, and 160th Avenue. 

Waverly & Kollen Park

The Waverly Road and Kollen Park Drive stations are staffed around the clock with full-time members, and a complement of part-paid members is assigned to each station. 

160th Avenue Station

The 160th Avenue station, which is jointly owned and utilized by the City of Holland and Park Township, is staffed solely by part-paid members. 

Housed in the stations are:

  • 1 Aerial Tower Truck
  • 1 Front Line Pumper
  • 1 Reserve Pumper
  • 2 Staff Vehicle
  • 2 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Squad Vehicles
  • 2 Rescue Pumpers
  • A Brush Fire Unit
  • 1 Rescue Watercraft
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