EVIP Employee Compensation Plan

City of Holland Employee Compensation Plan

Created to fulfill part of the State of Michigan Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) requirements, this Employee Compensation Plan meets the requirements of State of Michigan Public Act 63 of 2011 to qualify for payments under the economic vitality incentive program established by the Act.

The City of Holland makes every effort to treat the benefits for all employees equitably. Upon the expiration of union contracts June 30, 2013, and thereafter, it is the intention of the City of Holland to negotiate compliance with all legal requirements regarding employee compensation plans with the unions representing city employees and to provide similar benefit plans to all non-union employees.
The City of Holland/Board of Public Works employee handbook provides numerous specific compensation details, and union contracts provide additional specific compensation guidelines for employees represented by collective bargaining agreements. All will be amended as appropriate to comply with legislation governing employee compensation.

Currently, all City of Holland new full-time hires for non-union positions are eligible for a Defined Contribution Pension plan at six percent of their compensation with an additional two percent matched if the employee contributes two percent. Police and Fire unions are not on this plan currently. However, every effort will be made to negotiate pension plans in compliance with all applicable legislation.

Health Insurance
The City of Holland’s health insurance plan currently meets the requirements of PA 152 and accordingly is in compliance with all EVIP/Revenue Sharing requirements.