Split or Combine a Property

Make sure you don't owe taxes, liens, or fees for the properties

We check for dues owed on all properties involved in an application. We can't review your application until you pay all dues owed on the properties. Contact the City Treasurer's office at 616-355-1380 to find out if you owe.

Make sure you have all the required information

Gather the following information/documents:

  • An existing survey of the property – (you may need to hire a surveyor for an official survey)
  • A survey of the property with the proposed changes (aka resulting survey). This is required for property divisions or boundary line changes
  • Existing parcel numbers for all involved properties.
  • Existing street address for all involved properties
  • Any applicable deed restrictions that would make a proposed/resulting survey non-build able
  • Proof of ownership. If you bought the property recently, check our Assessor’s records to see if you show as the property owner. If not, you'll need to submit proof of ownership with the application
  • The County Treasurer’s office is required to validate that there are no delinquent taxes on the parent parcel, please contact them with the parcel numbers and legal descriptions of each parent parcel.

Be ready to pay your fees

Checks can be made payable to City of Holland.

Number of Existing ParcelsNumber of Resulting ParcelsFee
2 or More1$100
1 or More3 or Less$125
1 or More4 or More$400

Complete the application

Download and print the form to submit.

Send in your completed form

Mail in or drop off your original completed application and payment to our office. Find our contact information in the Contact Us section of this page. Keep in mind that we don't accept copies.

We’ll review your application

After we receive your completed application, expect to hear from us within 45 days.