2023-24 Youth on Boards

This program provides an opportunity for young people to get involved in their community and government while meeting with officials from our city boards and commissions. Students are appointed to various City boards and commissions by the Mayor to represent their peers and to obtain valuable knowledge of our local government. 

Angel Venegas, Human Relations Commission

Angel Venegas

Yanyssa Ochoa, Human Relations Commission & International Relations Commission

Yanyssa Ochoa

Hayden Bauman, Planning Commission

Hayden Bauman

Ezra VanZetten, Parks & Recreation Committee

Ezra VanZetten

Greta Bast, Neighborhood Improvement

Greta Bast

Ahava Le Febre, Historic Planning Commission

Ahava Le Febre

Abraham Hernandez MAX Transit

Abraham Hernandez

Ise Badran, Police Community Relations

Ise Badran

Sydney Ojedis, Teen Court

Sydney Ojedis

Yazlen Ochoa, International Relations Commission

Yazlen Ochoa

Mikael Salazar, Teen Court

Mikael Salazar

Jaquelin Romero, International Relations Commission

Jaquelin Romero