Application for Revocable License Agreement

Awning, canopy, marquee signs or projecting signs which extend over the City right-of-way, require a revocable license from City Council prior to receiving a building permit (Section 39-347 of the Ordinance Code).

Conditions Applicable to the Application for Revocable License Agreement

  • Please attach check, payable to City of Holland, for legal/administrative fee $250. Cost of building permit not included in this amount.
  • A certificate of insurance indicating current general liability coverage, and naming the City of Holland as additional insured, shall be submitted with this application (PDF). To ensure timely processing of the Certificate of Insurance, please word the additional insured line as: "The City of Holland and its employees, officers, officials and agents are additional insureds and wavier of rights of subrogation against the City and its employees, officers, officials and agents applies."
  • Although a Building Permit is also required, it cannot be issued until the Revocable License Agreement is approved by City Council and prepared by the City Attorney. Building permits issued by the Department of Community and Neighborhood Services. All work must comply with applicable regulations and ordinances.
  • Legal description of Property, please attach to the application.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the City Manager's office at 616-355-1310.

Supporting Documents