Strong Neighborhoods

Strong, flourishing neighborhoods form the backbone of a healthy and vibrant community. Among other things, a strong neighborhood is likely to be one in which neighbors know each other. Strong social connection has numerous benefits, such as improving public safety, building civic trust, and even improving one’s physical health. Simply put, life is better when you know your neighbors. The City supports a number of initiatives that promote and encourage a greater sense of connection and belonging within its neighborhoods.

Great neighborhoods start with good neighboring. In addition to supporting specific programs or initiatives such as those listed below, the city wishes to encourage the development of socially connected neighborhoods simply by encouraging residents to be neighborly.

Neighbors clustered around a table of food during a block party.
Neighbors connecting on the street enjoying food and ice cream during a block party.

What does it mean to be neighborly? It can be as simple as saying “hello,” but can also involve much more. The following tools may provide some new ideas and motivation to get to know your neighbors and build a stronger community:

Neighbors gathered in the street talking with one another with an ice cream truck in the foreground.

Block Parties are a great way for neighbors to get to know one another and form relationships. Many blocks hold them annually, or even several times a year. The block party page offers tips and suggestions, and a link to the City form to submit a request for various city supports for your party.  

Neighborhood Mini-Grants are available to residents working along with a neighborhood-based community group wishing to undertake a project that will foster neighborhood pride and develop stronger relationships among neighbors and neighborhood groups. The Mini-Grants page provides more information and has links to the application form and program guidelines. 

Neighbors planting trees together
Neighborhood Connectors Map

Neighborhood Connections - The City currently partners with five different organizations that are engaged in neighborhood connection work within six different Holland neighborhoods. You can learn more about where these neighborhoods are located and the organizations doing this work at the Neighborhood Connections page.

Neighborhood Descriptions and Guides - Holland’s neighborhoods are each unique. This page provides links to guides on many of Holland’s neighborhoods.