Neighborhood Connections

The Community & Neighborhood Services department has been partnering for over ten years with a number of neighborhood development organizations working within several Holland neighborhoods. There are currently five organizations (referred to as Neighborhood Connector organizations) working within six neighborhoods.  

Each of the five organizations are independent, neighborhood-based, non-profit organizations, yet they collaborate regularly and share a common goal and approach to their work, that of seeking to strengthen neighborhoods by organizing and activating the assets found within those neighborhoods, such as the people, organizations, amenities, and businesses. This approach is known as Asset-Based Community Development, or ABCD. You can read more about ABCD here.

The names of the organizations and neighborhoods are shown on the map below (see areas outlined in blue).  

Neighborhood Connectors Map Opens in new window

The City of Holland provides operational matching funds to these organizations because the City views them as important allies with a common goal of maintaining and building healthy, vibrant neighborhoods. The work of these organizations has shown that intentionally facilitating positive neighbor to neighbor connections can result in stronger and more resilient, vibrant neighborhoods.

Those living within the six Neighborhood Connection areas are strongly encouraged to reach out and get to know the organization working within their neighborhood. They are always looking to connect with neighbors interested in supporting their work and building a stronger and engaged neighborhood. Those wishing to connect with these organizations can do so by visiting their respective websites:

  • 3sixty - working in both the Eastcore (NC-C) and Montello Park (NC-F) neighborhoods,
  • Great Lakes Urban - working in the West of Washington Neighborhood (NC-E), 
  • Heights of Hope – working in the Stratford Way/Abbey Court/Oxford Court neighborhood (NC-D),
  • Washington School Neighbors – working in the Washington School/Historic neighborhood (NC-B),
  • Westcore Neighbors – working in the Washington Square/Westcore neighborhood (NC-A),

If you live in an area of the City that does not fall within one of the six Neighborhood Connection areas and would like to get more involved with building stronger social connection on your block or among your neighbors, please reach out to the Community Development Coordinator at or by calling 616-355-3139. We can direct you to a variety of resources that can help build a more engaged and connected neighborhood. A good place to start is to organize a block party. You can find ideas and information about organizing a block party here.

General questions about Neighborhood Connections or about opportunities in other neighborhoods to help build stronger neighbor to neighbor connections can be directed to