About Querétaro

Map of Queretaro

History of Santiago de Queretaro

  • Founded by an Otomi Indian, Fernando de Tapia in 1531 and 1532.
  • The Apostle James appeared on a white steed carrying a shimmering cross during hand-to-hand combat between Otomi and Spanish.
  • Declared a town in 1606 and 50 years later it became a City.
  • Although originally an Indian Village, the colonial architecture prevails:
    • The Church of San Francisco
    • Royal Hospital of San Jose de Gracia
  • Royal Hospital of the Immaculate Conception 16th and 17th Centuries Carmelite friars constructed the El Carmen and its convent church.
  • Dominicans came and built the Convent of Santo Domingo.
  • In 1996, the Historic Monuments Zone of Queretaro is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Economy of Santiago de Queretaro

  • Municipality ranked 23rd in Mexico on the United Nations Index of Human Development.
  • Ranks 13th place in the 2006 rankings of "Best Cities to do Business in Latin America by America Economia.
  • In 2007 rankings, it is considered the 2nd best place in Mexico to do business (after Monterrey) and 5th best in Latin America.
  • Commercial center of over half a million in population (5th fastest growing in the country).
  • Juncture of two major highways - less than 2.5 hours from Mexico City.
  • Agriculture, livestock and manufacturing.
  • Center of amethyst, opal, and topaz.
  • Mines produce mercury, zinc, and lead.