Our Friendship with Queretaro

From Holland to Queretaro

Parque Holland

  • In 2000, "Parque Holland" Holland's Gift to Santiago de Queretaro was Installed and dedicated. A new children's park was given to Querétaro from the Citizens of Holland for the community to enjoy. The City of Querétaro named the park, "Parque Holland", which means "Holland Park," and is a reminder of our Sister City friendship.
  • In 2002, City delegation and Fire Chief visited Queretaro to attend an International Business Conference.
  • In 2004, the International Relations Commission (IRC) collected books donated by the Holland community and shipped 1,100 books to Queretaro Museum's Children's Library.

From Queretaro to Holland

In 1998, President Francisco Garrido Patron and his family visited Holland.

Hope College

  • In 1999, the Queretaro vs. Hope Football Exchanges game was held at Holland Municipal Stadium.
  • In 2006, "La Estudiantina" of University of Queretaro visited and performed at Hope's dedication of the Martha Miller Center for Global Communication and offered performances to community and local schools.
  • In 2009, IRC and Hope college hosted Mr. Jose Antonio Alvarez Martin, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services for State and City of Queretaro.
  • In 2010, Queretaro's Club Libertadores Youth Basketball Teams played Holland in a "Friendship Game".

Kollen Park

  • In 1999, Querétaro Fountain Plaza in Kollen Park was given to Holland by its sister city, and is a symbol of friendship between the two cities.
  • In 2006, six park benches, made in Querétaro bearing the city seals, were added to the fountain plaza and dedicated.
  • In 2019, the fountain underwent repairs to bring it back to its original beauty. The 20th Anniversary Rededication of the Queretaro Fountain was a highlight of the First Annual International Festival of Holland. Dignitaries and guests from Mexico, including the mayor of Queretaro, Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero and José Luis Covarrubias Herrera, the architect who designed the fountain, were on hand at the rededication ceremony. 

Art Prize

Holland welcomed Queretaro artist to ArtPrize 2011. The City of Holland International Relations Commission is pleased to welcome "Ticha" Maria Beatriz González Martinez, an artist from our Sister City of Querétaro to the West Michigan Area for Grand Rapids' ArtPrize in 2011. Maria's work "Transgress through contemplation" was an oil painting, and exhibited in downtown Grand Rapids.

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