What we do

The City Clerk’s Office provides administrative services for all City departments and serves as the initial contact with those communicating with the City by phone, email, or when entering City Hall.

To serve those residing, working and conducting business in Holland and to support other City departments, the Clerk’s Office staff:

  • Provides administrative services for the City Council, Board of Review, and various departments of the City;
  • Records, files, manages and maintains minutes, records, contracts, deeds, legal documents and all other documents pertaining to the City;
  • Signs contracts and agreements between the City and other entities;
  • Conducts all elections within the City, registers voters, and maintains voting records and other items related to elections;
  • Administers business licensing, including Tulip Time licenses, in conjunction with the enforcing departments;
  • Acts as Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator;
  • Processes all liquor license applications – New, Transferred, Annual, and for Special Events in Certain Public Facilities;
  • Processes applications for Industrial Facilities Exemptions (tax abatements), Industrial Development Districts, Plant Rehabilitation and Act 328, and Neighborhood Enterprise Zones;
  • Issues permits for parades and other events in the City;
  • Publishes public notices;
  • Provides Notary services;
  • Serves as a Passport Acceptance Facility;
  • Handles requests for general information.


 To provide administrative services as mandated by City Charter, local ordinances, state statute, City Council and the City Manager for the public and departments, boards, commissions of the City; and to maintain and protect all public documents of the City.

 To conduct scheduled and special elections as mandated by state law and City Charter, at the lowest possible cost and as effectively and accurately as possible; to process and maintain voter registrations in cooperation with the State of Michigan Qualified Voter File; to work in cooperation with the Ottawa and Allegan County Clerks during conduction of elections; to ensure that Holland City Clerk staff and City of Holland Election Inspectors receive election training.