Evidence Technician Team

Tech Examining EvidenceYears ago, the Holland Police Department's commitment to better serve the community resulted in the development of the Evidence Technician Team. Six officers make up the Evidence Technician Team and are supervised by Sergeant John Weatherwax. Each Technician has specialized training in evidence processing and digital photography.


This very important Team is responsible for the collecting, processing and inventorying of crime scene evidence. The Evidence Technician Team uses a specially-equipped patrol vehicle containing all necessary equipment needed to process crime scenes. Collected evidence may include:

  • DNA Evidence
  • Firearm Cartridges
  • Hair or Blood Samples
  • Latent Fingerprints
  • Photographs
  • Shoe Impressions, etc.

Evidence collection is often done at the scene; however, evidence is often transported to the Police Operations crime laboratory for additional processing.


The Evidence Technician is also responsible for the Police Operations holding facility during some hours and the monitoring of arrested persons being held there. Evidence Technicians conduct booking and fingerprinting of arrestees, and do cell checks of all inmates. They also work directly with 58th District Court personnel as well as officers from outside jurisdictions.