This page serves as a guide, and resource for those completing work on a residential property.

If you are the homeowner and building your deck, putting in new fence, working on the electrical yourself the first section titled HOMEOWNERS is for you. On the left hand side you will find the applications, on the right hand side additional information that may be a helpful resource.

If you are a contractor, please jump to the bottom section of this page titled CONTRACTORS. This section outlines the applications you will need to fill out prior to obtaining a permit for the residential property you are working on. 

If you have any questions about the process of filling out and sending in an application you can visit this 1-2-3 guide, call our office at 616-355-1330, or email the department at


Are you a homeowner, completing the work yourself? If so, please fill out and return the appropriate application below. 


Are you a contractor completing work on a residential property (1-4 units, if more than 4 units head to the Non-Residential page)? If so, please fill out and return the appropriate application(s) below.

Sample Deck Plan

Additional Resources

Not sure which permit you need, or have questions about your specific project? The below resources may have the answers you need. If not, you can always call us at 616-355-1330. 

Residential Zoning Permits and Applications 

Residential zoning permits and forms can be found here, this includes permit applications for accessory dwelling units (ADUs), beekeeping, backyard chickens, and home businesses.