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City Manager

  1. Application for Boards, Commissions, and Committees
  2. Application For Residential Sidewalk Variance
  3. Application for Small-Cell Facilities Permit
  4. Application For Temporary Use of Loud Speaker or Sound Amplifying Device
  5. Waterfront Holland

    RFQ information.

  1. Application for Donation of Outdoor / Indoor Art or Monuments
  2. Application For Revocable License Agreement
  3. Application For Temporary Permit To Use Public Rights-of-Way
  4. Special Project Volunteer Application

    Please complete the application in its entirety. Attach additional sheets if needed. It is the policy of the City of Holland that equal... More…

Community & Neighborhood Services

  1. Block Party Registration Form

    Looking to host a Block Party in your neighborhood? Fill out this form and once complete, hit "Submit". If you have not heard from us... More…

  2. Feedback on the City Greenhouses
  3. Property Registration
  1. Electronic Complaint Form

    We accept complaints regarding unregistered rental properties, building without a permit, peeling paint, garbage in the yard, long... More…

  2. Neighborhood Improvement Strategy Feedback Form

    The Neighborhood Improvement Committee is in the process of updating its main guidance document, referred to as the neighborhood... More…

  3. Share Your Story: Historic Property Information

    History is an ongoing story, and we, are the Historic Preservation office feel is it important to continue telling the stories, past... More…

Human Relations

  1. City Services Complaint

    Use this form to submit a complaint about City of Holland services. If you wish to file a Discrimination Complaint please use the... More…

  2. Holland Board and Commission Conflicts of Interest (Including Gifts)

    Appointees to the City of Holland's Human Relations Commission and International Relations Commission are required to review and sign... More…

  3. Nomination for 2024 Social Justice Award

    The City of Holland Human Relations Commission’s annual Social Justice Awards recognize individuals or organizations who exemplify the... More…

  4. Request for Interpretation Services

    As a recipient of federal funds, the City of Holland, Michigan, must take reasonable steps to ensure that Limited English Proficiency... More…

  1. Discrimination Complaint
  2. HYAC Application 2024-2025
  3. Register to be a Guest Reader

International Relations

  1. 2024 International Festival of Holland Performer Application

    The 2024 International Festival of Holland will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2024 at the Holland Civic Center Place. We invite... More…

  2. International Festival Non Food Vendor Application

    Businesses and vendors looking to sell their non-food goods should complete and submit the form below. The Festival’s Mercado... More…

  3. Reel Time Film Series Interest Form

    Sign up here to receive information on the annual Reel Time Film Series.

  1. International Festival Food Vendor Application
  2. International Festival Non Profit Organization Application

    Non profit organizations interested in having a display presence at the 2024 International Festival of Holland should use this form to... More…


  1. Forestry Request

    Thank you for contacting the Holland Park & Recreation Department. Our Forestry Department works to maintain and plant the City of... More…

  1. Skate Park Comments

Transportation Forms

  1. Report a Pothole

    Motorists can do everyone a favor by reporting potholes promptly to the proper road agency