Ward 2


Lyn Rayomnd, Ward 2

Work Phone: 616.215.8695
Term Expires: 2027
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Lyn relocated from the East Coast to Holland to attend Hope College. She earned degrees in Psychology and Spanish and taught Spanish for three years. After that, she dedicated herself to community development work in various parts of the world. Lyn worked with refugees on the Texas border, a human rights organization in Washington, DC, and women artisans in Guatemala and Mexico. Twenty-five years ago, she returned to Holland and began working to support people facing housing crises. Until July 2023, Lyn served as the Director of the Lakeshore Housing Alliance. This was a coalition of service providers committed to helping individuals experiencing homelessness. She works as a data system administrator at the Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness. Lyn has lived in the 2nd Ward for all but one year of her life in Holland. She, along with her husband Larry and their dog Twyla, enjoy residing on Tulip Lane. This is close to many amenities that make Holland a great place to live.

Community Involvement

Lyn has volunteered with the City of Holland for many years. She started by joining the Neighborhood Improvement Committee and later was appointed to the Planning Commission. In addition, apart from serving on those two committees as Council liaison, she has also been appointed to the MAX Transit Board and the Public Art Advisory Board. She serves as a member of the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan Lakeshore Advisory Board. Lyn is a 2013 graduate of West Coast Leadership. She was first elected to the City Council as a Councilmember at Large in 2019. Now, she represents Ward 2 for the first time.