Historic District Intensive Level Research

Homes found along E 12th StreetIntroduction

A number of years ago in-depth research was completed on many of the homes located in four of the five historic districts in Holland. The findings included a range of information from date of construction, to the original owners, to statements of significance, providing insights into the stories of these homes. 

Searching the Records

The Historic Preservation office is delighted to share this research, as well as photos taken during the study, with homeowners, lovers of history, and those interested in learning more about the historic properties located in Holland. The information has been organized below, first by district and second by street. If you have the property address on hand, the search should be fairly quick by simply clicking into the street the home is located on and scrolling through to locate the address. You may find the Local Historic Districts Map a useful tool. If you are in need of assistance, please call 616-355-1330.

The following properties are designated as historic under the City’s Historic District Ordinance. 

Holland Historic District, est. 1983

Holland Historic District Addition, est. 1990

Washington Boulevard Historic District, est. 2001

Keppel’s Village Historic District, est. 2010  

Single Site Local Districts

Share Your Story

History continues to write itself, and here at the City we welcome any additional stories, research, historic photos, and insight you may have on these homes. If you have information to share, feel free to either fill out this form or reach out to the Historic Preservation office by email at cns@cityofholland.com or phone at 616-355-1330.